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No matter what industry you work in, you know that social media and online presence are a crucial part of conducting business. This is especially true of the real estate industry. Real estate is a business that’s all about interactions! A house is a house is a house, but it takes a smart, engaged brand to bring in prospective clients and a team of savvy real estate agents to match the client with their perfect home.

If your real estate business isn’t making social media work to your best advantage, you may be missing out. It’s about so much more than just attracting followers. High numbers are great, but they only matter if those numbers are matched by follower engagement. 

Ultimately, post engagement on social media is the golden ticket every business is fighting for. It’s about not just getting eyes on your posts: it’s about getting clicks, contact information, calls and emails, and sales. It’s about building relationships, consumer interest, and brand loyalty. And it all starts with the content you put out online.

Six Social Media Tips You Can Start Using Today

So what exactly is it that will keep your audience alert and intrigued? How can you keep them interested in what you have to say and ensure that they keep coming back for more? Moreover, what sets your real estate agency apart from the rest? What makes you different, and why should your audience care?

1.     Pull Back the Curtain

In the industry, the biggest thing we’ve noticed is that professionals love to show off their expertise. As well they should! They’ve worked hard to get where they are now, and now they want to share their insights with their following. This is great… some of the time. Other times, you need to pull back the curtain for your followers just a little bit. It can be posting BTS (behind the scenes) photos of staging a house, doing renovations, preparing to meet clients, that kind of thing. 

Your consumers need to know that you’re human, too. If all you ever-present is the face of wisdom and perfection, clients may start to wonder: what’s the catch? What are they hiding? Sharing moments that aren’t ‘picture perfect’ is a nice way to let your audience in—it shows you’re down to earth and relatable. It’s okay to acknowledge that you don’t always have your stuff together, and you don’t always have all the answers. The important thing is to assure your audience that you’ll put in the effort to learn and always work hard to give them the best service. 

2.     Make It a Conversation

Make it a conversation and keep it going.

Speaking of not knowing all the answers, this presents a perfect opportunity to solicit some advice from your audience. Maybe you think you already know all the answers. Maybe you really do know all the answers! But sometimes, you need to ask for feedback. Not only does it let your audience know that you’re listening to them—an essential quality in a real estate professional—but it also allows your viewers to speak their minds and become involved in the process. Engagement is a two-way street, after all! 

Most people are eager to give feedback. And while you may be approaching real estate from the perspective of an industry professional, potential clients have something you don’t: a buyer/seller’s insight. Take time to really listen to your audience. After all, relationship building sits at the heart of real estate, and it will help you build both your followership and your brand.

If you’re looking for conversation starters, check out This site has a list of questions to get you started, keep the conversation going, and how to take it further.

3.     Ask for Feedback

To up social media engagement, ask questions. Chances are, people have opinions that they want to share. Of course, you’re the professional and are probably better equipped to answer questions about the real estate market, but it’s a great idea to ask more subjective questions. They can be practical, or they can be lighthearted and fun, and either can be good for drumming up engagement.

  • How can sellers stage their homes for maximum impact?
  • What are the most important property features/assets to homebuyers?
  • What are you looking for in a neighborhood?
  • What are your favorite local hangouts and/or businesses?
  • What does your dream home look like?

You can create posts solely to ask your followers for their input or share your own expertise and follow up by asking your audience for their thoughts. 

4.     Share How-Tos

Interior Design, Upcoming Trends, Local Events

It doesn’t always have to be about buying and selling. It’s good practice to provide a buffer from those hard-hitting real estate numbers. Here is when you can share some light and breezy posts that are still relevant to your business. 

It’s easy to push out listicle-type posts about a slew of home-related subjects, like:

  • Upcoming design trends
  • Accent wall ideas
  • Patio furniture for summer
  • Local hotspots
  • Upcoming events in your area

Personally, I like to use and to find design topics and nearby events. You can find more other places, but I found these sites to be reliable.

5.     Homes for Sale

Show off the goods! If you’re a real estate agency, you want to use a portion of your social media posts to showcase the properties you’ve got on offer. This serves a dual purpose. On the one hand, you’re helping drive traffic to the property via open houses and buyers who express direct interest in purchasing the unit. On the other hand, it shows your follower base that you have a proven track record working with clients; it says that you are a savvy advertiser who uses various methods to get the job done, and you can be entrusted to sell other properties successfully. However, this kind of post shouldn’t be the bulk of your social feed. Limited supply equals greater demand!

6.     Success Stories

Speaking of successful sales, it’s also a great idea to share them with your audience. Ask your clients for a review, reference, or endorsement. If you did your job right, they should be happy to give it. This kind of positive review confirms that you are good at what you do and have satisfied clients to prove it! Plus, everyone loves a good success story; it reminds us that if they can do it, so can we—and that’s the kind of attitude you want to foster in your client base.

Feel you’ve got a good grip on being a social media maven? It may take some practice, but you’ll find there’s a rhythm to it, and once you get into the swing of things, it’s hard to stop!

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