Prospecting Letters Set 2 – Need to Scale Up and Market Value

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Prospecting letters are still a great way to drum up leads from your current marketing sphere or to potential clients that you are reaching out to for the first time. Make sure to swap out the placeholders with your information and let us know how you use this in your marketing! Need more prospecting letters? Take a look at our first set of prospecting letters. 


Need to Scale Up?

This first prospecting letter is targeted towards consumers that are looking to scale up. This scale up could be for a bigger family, a need for more room, or they would just like to upgrade their lifestyle.

Dear [Potential Client’s Name],

Is your home getting just a little too close for comfort? Is your family growing by leaps and bounds? Do you simply need more space to pursue your hobbies or relax? It may be time to scale up and buy a bigger home that better suits your needs.

Let me introduce myself: I’m [Name of Real Estate Agent], a real estate agent with [Team Name/Broker Name]. I live and work in your neighborhood, and I’d love the opportunity to help you make your home-buying dreams a reality.

The conventional wisdom always says that the best time to buy real estate is “five years ago,” but a careful exploration of the local market conditions and experienced guidance on your home-buying journey can make any time “the best time” to buy a new home.

We can start with a comparative market analysis that includes comparable sales data in your immediate area. As an experienced real estate agent, I can use that data to help you understand how much you can likely get from the sale of your existing home and what a fair price for the bigger home you want would be.

I would love the opportunity to sit down with you and talk about your goals for your next home and the neighborhoods that would best fit your lifestyle. As a local agent, I have insights into the area that can help you refine your vision. Then, we can develop a house-hunting strategy that will deliver results.

Please call me at [Phone Number] so we can get started.

[Name of Real Estate Agent]


[Email Address, Social Media]


Find the Market Value for Your Home

People are curious what their home is worth and this prospecting letter can help motivate them to contact you on the market value for their home.

Dear [Potential Client’s Name],

Are you thinking about listing your home for sale, but not really sure what you can get for it in today’s market? Since the real estate market is always fluctuating, pricing a home to sell is always complicated — but help is available.

Allow me to introduce myself: I’m [Name of Real Estate Agent], a local realtor with the [Broker Name/Team Name] family. Because I live and work in the area, your neighborhood is my neighborhood, and that gives me special insights into the local property values.

Sure, you can hop online and look at any number of websites that will give you a rough estimate of your home’s value — but many of those websites are using aggregated data that doesn’t take into account things like your home’s unique features, the amenities nearby, the convenience of your home’s location, recent upgrades you’ve made and the general nature of the neighborhood that you’re in.

Plus, online real estate estimates can fluctuate daily based on all kinds of market activity, and that gives you no solid ground on which to base your decisions. In short, online estimates can’t replicate the real thing from an experienced, local agent who understands what motivates buyers in your particular area.

I’m inviting you to reach out to me for a comparative market analysis that can help you make informed choices when it comes time to put your home on the market.

Please contact me at [Phone Number] to learn more. I look forward to hearing from you!

[Name of Real Estate Agent]


[Email Address, Social Media]




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